Adhesive & Grouts



Sanitized® Colorgrout


Davco Sanitized® Colorgrout is a cementitious grout designed for use with most types of ceramic tiles and natural stone applications.


  • Davco Sanitized® Colorgrout can be used in grout joints that are 1 - 6mm wide
  • Can be used on internal or external wall and floor grouting applications
  • Used in swimming pools and wet areas also

Feature & Benefits:

  • The grout also contains a biocide, which provides it with a resistance to a broad spectrum of moulds and bacteria
  • Available in 25 different colours
  • Can also be used as an adhesive and grout at one time, when mixed with glass mosaic additive

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Conflex Adhesive


Top trade grade tile adhesive. High performance adhesive suitable for most applications.


  • Top of range
  • Best for demanding jobs
  • Flexible - S1
  • Commercial / High Traffic Grade
  • Superb bond - C2
  • Best choice for large floor tiles
  • Tile on tile
  • All substrates except timber
  • All tiles except moisture sensitive


Recommended Uses

Very well suited to large format tiles and/or demanding jobs.  Suitable for tile-on-tile, large format tiles as well as green screeds and concrete.

Ancillary / Support products:  Multiprime, Coloured Grout,
Compatible Waterproofing Membranes: Dampfix Gold,  Dampfix 3, Dampfix 2


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Ultramastik Adhesive


White tile adhesive with a very smooth feel. Superb holding capacity without slump.


  • Silky trowel feel
  • Commercial / High Traffic Grade
  • Flexible  - S1
  • Superb non slump (holds 600x600mm wall tile without slip) - T
  • High strength bond  - C2
  • Best choice for large wall tiles
  • Well suited for outdoor/ wet area tiling
  • All substrates except timber
  • All tiles except moisture sensitive

Recommended Uses

Can hold a 600x600mm tile on the wall.  Well suited to large tiles, wall tiling and large jobs.


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Mastik Readymix Adhesive


Top of the range white paste tile adhesive with superior hold and water resistance.


  • Top of the Range Past Adhesive
  • White colour
  • Excellent non-slump properties - T
  • Suitable for all moisture stable
  • Porous Substrates (Concrete, Render, Screed, Fibre Cement)
  • Approved membranes (restricted tile size)

Recommended Uses

Mastik is white and will hold large wall tiles without slump.   Mastik is an excellent choice if a top shelf paste adhesive is required. 

Ancillary / Support products:  Coloured Grout, Fine White Grout, Megalastic (to increase grout flexibility) 
May be used on Dampfix Gold but only when using small format, porous tiles and grouting only after adhesive has dried.  Good Airflow will help paste adhesives dry faster



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