Pavers Range



This smart, fashionable range of contemporary pavers brings affordable style and clean lines to every alfresco setting.  


* Large format                       * Wetcast


* Concrete paver                  * Smooth finish


* Matching Bullnose

Charcoal Biscotti Latte Linen Size Formats




This range is designed to emulate the traditional colour and feel of stone in a sophisticated large rectangular format. Created in neutral tones.


* Large format         * Wetcast             * Concrete paver            

* Washed stone texture      * Matching Bullnose

Buttermilk Cappucino Vanilla Size Formats




Each Coast paver features clean, saw-cut  lines and an immaculately smooth surface that has been inspired by natural stone.

* Large Format                         * Wetcast

* Concrete paver                      * Matching Bullnose

Shell Driftwood Size Formats



Emulating the naturally-aged appearance of stone, as cut by master stonemasons for centuries, no two pavers are the same.


* Large format                 * Concrete paver                


* Wetcast                       * Matching Bullnose

Cream Macadamia Mocha Limestone Size Formats